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Our Heavenly Scent Lotion has been designed to put moisture and healthy oils back into your skin resulting into a healthier, softer, cool feeling you.

Not only is our lotion great for your skin but is designed to last through your busy day.

Fun fact about Heavenly Scent Lotion:

The scent of our lotion will last and settle into your skin leaving a very beautiful fragrance and feel.

Be forewarned that people will complement you and ask “what is that you’re wearing it smells so good!”

Our products are Made in the USA.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 in



Chico, Citrus Mania, Clean Breeze, Cranberry Tart, Lavender Bliss, Lemongrass, Lucy-Lu, Lusious Barry, Rose Garden, Watermelon Bomb

8 reviews for Perfectly Perfumed Lotion

  1. Samantha Stone

    great product and a perfect idea for a gift

  2. Cherry

    Lotion is very light, but it will give your skin the moisture that it needs without having to put more
    on throughout the day.

  3. Brigette (verified owner)

    Truly amazing! This lotion is very light but leaves my skin so silky and soft! It’s the perfect go-to moisturizer for hands and body!

    • admin

      Thank you for your support.

  4. Opal

    If you are fearful with sensitive skin, that was me. This divine smell alone was worth the try. I found that this is for all skin!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Paula Reaves

    I LOVE the “Clean Breeze” fragrance, I wear it as my perfume… It also leaves my skin feeling moisturized and silky feeling… Thanks Ms. Vickie for making/sharing these AMAZING products with us❣ 🤗

  6. Paula Reaves

    My husband uses and LOVES the Chico lotion, he asks for me to get him a jar at special occasions (B’days, Easter, “CHRIST”mas, etc.) Thanks Ms. Vickie for making a “Healthier” alternative for the Men in our lives to 🥰

  7. Anthony Williams

    Chico is one of the BEST scents that I’ve ever known. It’s fresh, vibrant and crisp. It has an unique appeal to the one’s sense of smell. Whenever I wear it, people are always inquiring, “What is that scent you’re wearing?” I have never received so many compliments on a fragrance, but I understand why! Also, I’ve never enjoyed how I smell so much!!!

  8. Anthony Williams

    This product is very basic and fundamental. It’s formulated to work. It’s not full of perfumes and artificial ingredients to trick you into thinking that it’s great. It penetrates your skin in a way that says “I want to heal you, nourish you…not flatter you.” Start with making your skin happy from the inside and the outer layer will reflect that.

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