Oatmeal Soap

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Available in 4oz

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Made in the USA.

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Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 8 × 5.5 in

4 oz.

4 reviews for Oatmeal Soap

  1. Samantha Stone

    great product and a perfect idea for a gift

  2. Opal

    Skin health is so important, and yes a bar of soap is where it begins.
    One of the best gifts to give someone you love!!!

  3. Anthony Williams

    What a soft soap that’s in the form of traditional bar soap. It feels smooth and gentle on the skin…so soft it’s harmless. It seems to gently cleanse while soothing the skin. You can feel the difference while bathing. Want a “gentle” reminder that you’ve been using the wrong kinds of soap. Say no more.

  4. Anthony Williams

    In my earlier review, I left out some important information…
    I tried this soap several years ago shortly after the inception of Heavenly Scent. While using it over the years, I noticed that it feels even better than before. It’s smoother and creates a well-balanced lather. It thoroughly cleanses without drying. Many other soaps are harsh and drying and may compel you to apply lotion immediately after using to avoid dried and cracked skin. But not this soap — it seems to moisturize as it cleanses. The major brands may be able to afford the costs of producing commercials and print ads whenever they make improvements to their products. But smaller companies, such as Heavenly Scent, seem to always be striving to produce a better product without any formal advertising. It’s wonderful to feel the continued quality in all of their products!

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