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Aromatic botanical cosmetics. Dried flowers mixture, facial mask in sample jars, oils. Holistic herbal DIY skincare beauty hack. Retro pink toned.

The Story

My name is Vickie Willford, I started Heavenly Scent in 2011 after being diagnosed with Melasma. Melasma is a common skin condition triggered by exposure to the sun, it can cause brown or grayish brown patches on various parts of the body, most commonly affecting the face area. Thousands of women suffer from this condition and although it is not physically painful, the emotional blows to my self esteem were detrimental. I visited countless doctors and tried dozens of (very expensive) treatments all to no avail. Due to the stress my condition was causing me I started to lose my hair, and in my mind, I equated this to losing my beauty. Naturally, I did what any devout Christian would do, I turned to God to direct me through my depressing time and from that prayer, Heavenly Scent was born.

I began to study natural, holistic methods to help with healing my health issues. I then created my own soothing skin treatment. I created a soap and a cream that felt wonderful on my skin, I used the soap and cream that caused any traces of my Melasma to practically vanish from my skin within 6 months of use. I finally gained the confidence to look in the mirror again, but to my surprise my skin became so healthy with a Beautiful Glow.

What started as a very tough journey for outer beauty all so became a lesson in inner wisdom.


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