Heavenly Scent

Sometimes you will never know how valuable a person or memory is to you until it is gone.....


About Heavenly Scent

My name is Vickie Willford, 

I began to study natural, holistic methods to help with healing my own health issue. I then created my own soothing skin treatment. I created a soap and a cream that felt wonderful on my skin, I used the soap and cream that caused any traces of my Melasma to practically vanish from my skin within 6 months of use. I finally gained the confidence to look in the mirror again, but to my surprise my skin became so healthy with a Beautiful Glow.

What started as a very tough journey for outer beauty all so became a lesson in inner wisdom.

How We’re Different

I strive to improve the well-being of as many people of all ages and nationalities. All my products are made with meaning, created for those going through the downside of life.

A Healthy Natural Product

What Sets Heavenly Scent Apart

Our Core Strengths

Heavenly Scent stands for a belief in God above all that exists in this world.

All of our products are made with meaning and passion for a healthy, natural, and faithful lifestyle.

Every ending is a new beginning.

Heavenly Scent Popular Products

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